Hassanamba temple

Hassanamba temple

Devi Darshan of Hassan Hassanamba  is only 10-13 days a year. If the temple door is opened on Thursdays following the full moon of each year, then the door will be closed on the third day of Diwali’s Balipadyam. Only during this time can devotees perform the darshan of the Goddess. When the temple is closed, the lamp that has been lit in the temple has been burning for over a year.

Devotees from various parts of Karnataka, including Karnataka, come to the Devi Darshan when the door of the Hasanamba Devi Temple is unlocked. In that way, the big fair was a celebration.  The day of the opening of the Hassanamba Temple,  The thaluvara family whole family gathers there. They plant a banana together in front of the goddess’s womb and cut it. It is customary to open the temple doors only after the banana plant  has been cut.

The place is myth

The Vaishnavi, Maheshwari and the Kumarias reside in this shrine among the Saptha matriarchs who had come for a promenade. Legends reveal that the remaining Chamundi, Varahi and Indrani settled in Devigere in the center of the city.

From the pages of history, it is known that the surrounding taluks were ruled by Hakabukka Nayaka, the ruler of the Chola kings, and his descendants for more than a century from the 11th century. Before the Hoysalas it was under the rule of the Ganga kings.

The Siddheshwar Temple is visible immediately after the entrance of the Hassanambe Temple. In this temple, Siddheshwar Swamy is worshiped in the form of gender and not in the form of Lord Ishwar giving phasupathrsa  to Arjuna. The Ravanotsavam, Balipadyamyi, Chandramandala chariot festival is held every year .