Jain’s holy place Sravanabelagola

Sravanabelagola is a historical and religious center of Hassan district. The shrine of Bhububali, a world-famous 58’8 “foot tallest shrine in Sravanabelagola, is the main attraction of this place as well as the main religious center of the Jains. Shravanabelagala, and many others also worship.

The huge monolithic statue of the revered Gomta is located in Sravanabelagola to Jainism. The statue is one of the tallest monolithic statues on the continent of Asia and is about 58 feet tall. The statue of Gomatota on the Vindhyagiri Hill is a spectacular view of the granite stone. The intricate sensitivity will amaze the onlookers. It is believed that Chavundaraya built the statue from the sculptor Ani Nemi in 973 AD.

The sculptor is a Vishwakarma class who is also a disciple of the famous sculptor Jacanachari, who is also known as mythology. The Vindhyagiri Hill, which has this statue, has to climb around 700 steps. Specially, there is a dolly or palliative system available for those who can not mount. There is also a small hill or Chandragiri Hill in the front of Vindhyagiri and there are also an Jain monasteries and basadis can be seen in the Jain community. Tourists can also visit the ancient and tourist attractions of Bhandari Hulla Basadi and Chandrnath Swami Basadi.

It is also known as Jain’s Kashi, a sacred field for the Jains as how Kashi is sacred to Hinduism. Another noteworthy feature is that the Mahamastakavikshakam is organized every 12 years to the Gompa idol. In this case millions of Jain pilgrims come from all over the country.

Chethan Mardalu

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