The beauty of the waterfalls is that the cool air, the greenery, and the beauty of the falls make it a perfect place to dwell. We will tell you about one of the beautiful waterfalls. Hebbe Falls is located in Chikmagalur. It is about 10 km from Kemmannugundi. These waterfalls can be reached from inside a coffee estate or even by vehicle. Hebbe Falls 551 feet in two stages. It is known as the Doda habbe  and the chicka hebbe

Tourist places in and around Kemmannugundi Hebbe Falls, situated in the backdrop of beautiful coffee plantations, is a breathtaking view of the falls from a height of about 168 meters. Travelers can also take a walk or drive from Kemmannugundi to the falls

Since there is a steep path, only small vehicles can get here. The waterfall of this falls falls into two halves and is named as the( big ) doda hebbe and (small) chicka hebbe. Travelers can spend their precious time here, watching the beautiful beauty of the falls and the sound of the flowing water. There is a profound belief that bathing in water that falls from this waterfall can cure skin diseases and other diseases.

Tourists planning a trek to the Hebbe Falls can also take a trek. Tourists can enjoy adventure sports here. Travelers can avail rent jeeps from Kemmannugundi to Hebei Falls

There is a panoramic view of the dense forest and coffee plantation surrounding Hebbe Falls. The waterfall of this falls falls into two halves and is named as the big and small. Travelers can spend their time here and enjoy the beautiful beauty of the falls and the sound of falling water.

How to reach Birur is a small town in the Kadur Taluk. There are plenty of buses between Bangalore-Chikmagalur or Bangalore-Shimoga buses. Travelers can also avail local transport services such as local taxis or private buses

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